Lap Trays

Our stylish laptrays make for a versatile home accessory that offers both practicality and a touch of style. Get comfortable for mealtimes, arts and crafts and so much more, with our high quality collection of laptray designs.
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All of our laptrays at BeanBagBazaar are made to the highest quality standards with a wooden frame, a thick, bean-filled base and a lacquered surface, which offers a smooth, wipe-clean finish. A laptray is an incredibly versatile home accessory and when they are styled as beautifully as our designs you will find yourself using them regularly and for various activities.

Mealtimes are made cosy and comfortable when enjoyed from our bean filled laptrays. The sturdy base leaves you free to enjoy conversation and entertainment. Arts and crafts are much more practical when you can handle items on your steady laptray, up close in front of you. Guests can even be served canapés and drinks from one of our stylish laptrays, simply place it on an ottoman or coffee table and let people help themselves. You could even take it outdoors and rest it on a garden table to serve snacks in warmer weather.

Our laptray designs feature traditional artistic images in a painted style, contemporary and minimalistic graphic designs, as well as quirky and colourful printed designs. Laptrays also make a thoughtful and affordable gift idea that will be appreciated for their versatility, especially for the person who already has everything. Take a look through our wide selection of stylish, high quality laptrays. If you are looking for more gift ideas see our gift bundles collection. Every item at BeanBagBazaar comes with free UK mainland delivery. 

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