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Velvet Weighted Blanket

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Therapeutic Weighted Blanket

Cocoon yourself in the velvety embrace of the Celine, it will feel a little like a comforting hug. You can drift into tranquillity whilst relaxing on your sofa or take this blanket to bed and sleep as you have never slept before.

Sleep Better

This gorgeous blanket exudes luxury and has separately sewn pockets filled with glass beads to give a reassuring application of pressure over your body. The gentle pressure is a sensory experience designed to reduce stress and the effects of anxiety, this will help your body to switch off and foster a sense of stillness. Get ready to feel better, relax better and sleep better.

Opulent Accessory

Our in-house design team has crafted this blanket with lustrous velvet, making it an elegant and practical accessory for your home. Whether you use as a comforting addition to your bed or snuggle down on the sofa, this Weighted Velvet Throw will transform your space.

Width 135cm
Length 200cm
Weight 7kg

It is recommended that you chose a blanket that is approx 10% of your body weight.

Blanket Weight: is approx 7kg which is suitable for a body weight of 70kg (11st) or above.


This blanket is not recommended for children.

Fabric Plush Velvet

7-layer construction encapsulates the glass beads in individual pockets of padded polyester fibre throughout the blanket to give an even and consistent spread of pressure.

Brand Icon®
Cleaning Instructions Surface clean only, using mild detergent if necessary.
  Do not machine wash
  Do not Iron
  Do not Dry Clean
  Do not Tumble Dry
  Do not Bleach
  Due to the very slight possibility of dye transfer, avoid contact between dark and light coloured textile surfaces.


  1. Absolutely delightful.


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    Up there with my favourite purchases of 2021. It really does what it says on the tin! Love love love.
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