ICON® Serenity Lounger

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Icon’s relentless design team strived to create a simple and honest furnishings collection that would fit into the fluidity of modern life. The outcome was the clever and innovative Serenity collection available in four nature-inspired shades of Coral, Sandstone, Aloe Green and Shadow Grey.


Designed for the fluidity of indoor-outdoor living, this handmade lounger is designed in a softly tactile Hydro-Knit fabric, which is water and stain repellent. This is the secret ingredient that makes the Serenity Lounger an informal alternative to outdoor furniture which also looks and feels harmonious indoors. 


The flexible filling in this lounger can be adapted to form an upright chair for chatting with friends or a laid back lounger for soaking up the rays. With a chic faux leather handle, an outdoor fabric base, and easy wipe fabric, this lounger is destined for warmer days surrounded by the soothing sound of nature.


Designed against the backdrop of the Northumbrian wilds and brought to life by our team of upholstery technicians the Serenity Lounger looks harmonious inside the house all year round, so there's no need for a garage or shed to store.


The resilient, waterproof and stain-repellent nature of the ‘Hydro-Knit’ fabric creates a water-resistant and easy-wipe finish. We do advise that the product is dried out and stored indoors when not in use.


To help keep your items clean, dry and serene throughout the seasons, we recommend that any spillages are immediately removed with a damp cloth to avoid permanent staining.

Width 86cm
Depth 107cm
Height 63cm
Seat Height 33cm
Fabric Hydro-weave
Brand ICON®
Cleaning Instructions Surface clean only, using mild detergent if necessary.
  Do not machine wash
  Do not Iron
  Do not Dry Clean
  Do not Tumble Dry
  Do not Bleach
  Due to the very slight possibility of dye transfer, avoid contact between dark and light coloured textile surfaces.
Storage Store indoors when not in use 
Registered Design Number 6027446
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