As the world around us becomes faster paced and digitised, we crave a somewhere to escape. Your home is the place to retreat from the hectic woes of life or stresses work brings, you can tailor this space to become a sanctuary for you to unwind and recharge from the day.

Taking inspiration from Scandinavia, where homes are designed to be havens of simplicity and authenticity, encouraging a relaxing pace of life. This concept paves the way for a calm and tranquil home that embraces family life without sacrificing on style and practicality.

Here’s 5 ways to transform your home into the idyllic respite you dream of:

Keeping things simple

Feel inspired and soothed by the home you are living in through minimal design. Take some time to remove the unnecessary clutter and find a balance between functionality and aesthetics, pare back the superfluous and create a living space free of distraction.

Together time

Design your family’s favourite hangout spot and spend those precious moments reveling in a little uplifting of your souls. Create a sanctuary to sink into and carefully select items that allow you to do this. Our Icon Oslo Lounger is a portable oasis bringing you closer to the ground, take time to catch up with loved ones or simply read your latest book. This piece is elegant in style and functional in use, with a tactile finish to become an every-day piece of your living room jigsaw.

Get cosy with textures

Step into Autumn with a warm and inviting feel to your relaxing home. Think lusciously soft textures from chunky knit cushions, add layers with faux fur throws and create tactile floor surfaces with fluffy woollen rugs. Texture is essential for adding comfort, defining spaces and building an intrinsic sense of calm nudging you on your journey to unwind.

Draw inspiration from nature

Often, after a busy week amongst the hustle and bustle of family life, people retreat to open green spaces to immerse themselves in nature. Why not bring the outdoor qualities of plants into your home for maximum wellbeing. Not only do plants breathe new life and freshness, they also add pops of colour to your interior design of choice. Pot them in ceramic pots of wicker baskets for the perfect addition to your tranquil home.

Photo by Skyla Design on Unsplash

Candles, Candles, Candles

Lighting is vital for shaping the feel of a room, so when the sun goes down, harness the warm energy of calming candlelight and emphasise a sense of cosiness whilst you sink into your Icon Oslo Armchair. We love Neom Complete Bliss Scented Candle, specially formulated with calming effect fragrances.
Photo by Neom