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LivingSpaces magazine is packed full of great ideas for making everyday life exceptional. Here you’ll find bags of inspiration when it comes to interior design and creating living spaces that suit your personality. We also understand it’s not just the objects in your home that help to create atmosphere, it’s the experiences you share and memories you create with special occasions. This is why you can also read our suggestions for fun activities with the kids, fabulous parties with friends or even how best to enjoy some well-earned ‘me time’.

Take a look through our ‘Styling’ section for top tips and creative ideas for styling your home to suit the seasons and keep on top of the latest interior trends. Our ‘Lifestyle’ section has plenty of activity ideas to help make social events go with a bang. Expect top tips and simple step-by-step guides that will inspire you to try something new. Finally, our ‘Beyond the Seams’ section takes a closer look at the design process behind some of our different products and our advice for keeping home accessories looking their best. Plus, we report on how our bean bags and home accessories are used at big name events, where we’ve donated them to a better cause for charity, and of course how they are used in the homes of our customers. We’ll also always share the latest news on BeanBagBazaar competitions or promotions so that you are ahead of the crowd. Sign up with your email address to get all the leading Style, Life and Beyond the Seams articles straight to your inbox.