Kids Sensory Emotions Cushions [Pack of 8]

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Emotions are big things and children often have a tough time dealing with them. These thoughtful Monster cushions will help you to have supportive conversations with little ones about their feelings and other people's.


There are 8 emotional states for them to recognise - joy, fear, sadness, anger, shyness, frustration, laughter,and surprise. Soft and squishy to touch, the Monster emotion cushions are perfect for making their space even more comfortable. Eden has carefully designed to meet the needs of children who thrive with the support of sensory-friendly designs.


Idea: use as part of story time to describe character emotions at different stages of a story. Children with sensory processing disorders will enjoy stroking the plush tactile fabric, hugging the character tight, and holding the monsters arms and hands.

Width 34cm
Depth 8cm
Height 34cm

Product Details
Filled Yes
Brand Eden®
Cleaning instructions
<p>Cover is removable and machine washable. Do not tumble dry or iron.</p> <p>Due to the very slight possibility of dye transfer, please avoid contact between dark and light coloured textile surfaces.</p> <p>To keep your fabrics looking good as new, please store away from direct sunlight when not in use.</p>
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