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Bean Bag Footstool Indoor-Outdoor by Veeva®

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This bean bag footstool allows you to rest in style - put your feet up, or use it as an occasional seat or resting place for books and magazines.

Brighten up your home with this beanbag footstool - designed in bedroom-brights colourful fabric, with water-resistant properties, meaning it can also be a great garden bean bag. Easy wipe clean 100% finely woven polyester.

Use bean bag stools for relaxing weary legs on at the end of a long day, and they also make fantastic gifts and can liven up any room with their vibrant colours.

Width 38cm
Depth 38cm
Height 20cm 
Fabric 100% Polyester
Cleaning Instructions Surface clean only, using mild detergent if necessary.
  Do not machine wash
  Do not Iron
  Do not Dry Clean
  Do not Tumble Dry
  Do not Bleach
  Due to the very slight possibility of dye transfer, avoid contact between dark and light coloured textile surfaces.

Please store indoors when not in use.

  1. Durable, Comfortable, Stands The Test Of Time!


    Review by

    I bought my first Giant Beanbag from Beanbag Bazar about 7 years ago (maybe longer) and I’ve still got it, still use it and it’s still in pretty good condition! I ended up with all beanbag furniture in my last apartment, all from here, back then, and I’ve still got them all, still in use. My dog especially loves the giant beanbag to sleep on, and still won’t give it up! I actually can’t even believe I’ve had them that long, and they’re still going so well — I just refill them every year or so with more beans and they just keep going! With that in mind, I just can’t Recommended Them Highly Enough — I’m not sure almost anything I have has lasted at least 7 years so well (even me!).
  2. Colourful, Comfortable, Durable,


    Review by

    These beanbag footstools are absolutely amazing quality and so well- made, the 2 that I purchased about 7 years ago are still going, being well-used and still in pretty OK shape, despite the really lots of wear they’ve been through! They get restored by being restuffed with beans every year or so, and they’ve done me so well (along with the giant beanbags I got alongside them!). I love them, and getting yet another one now, too. I’ve been so impressed by these guys, and always glad I found this place to buy them from! They are Very Recommended.
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