How to Refill Your Bean Bag

Fill your bean bag in less than 60 seconds! Large bean bags may arrive in two separate boxes, click here to see our 'how to' video - this shows the easiest way to ensure you're sitting on your bean bag seconds after it comes out of the box!

The guide below advises you on the easiest way to top-up your beanbag with a bean bag filling. Top-up your beanbag with ease - just follow our step by step guide. It is a two-person job and with the help of a friend can be done in no time at all. Netting can be delicate, so be careful you don’t snag it and to take extra care we advise wearing gloves.

Give your beanbag a new lease of life by choosing a bean bag refill. Each bean bag refill contains only the finest virgin polystyrene beads, tiny bean bag beans to make your seat more comfortable. It is a good idea to buy a bean bag filling if your bean bag chair has flattened after daily use. When you receive your bean bag filling through the post, be careful to open the package with care without damaging the contents inside then follow our step by step guide below:

  • Pick up the stretch netting containing the beans by the knot. Holding the knot with one hand slide the other hand down the netting until it tightens around the beans forming a neck of netting between each hand. Swing the net onto your shoulder and place the hand holding the knot as far into the beanbag cover as you can. Keep hold of the knot and gradually loosen your grip with the hand next to your shoulder. This allows the beans to slide down the neck you have created and into the beanbag cover.
  • Fully unzip the beanbag cover and hold securely at each end of the zip, creating a wide opening to insert the beans into the cover. DO NOT place too much strain on the seams at each end of the zip.
  • Both people hold the cover at each end of the zip creating a wide opening, then gently bounce the beanbag cover up and down to aid gravity and allow the beans to fall into the cover.
  • Make sure the netting is clear of the zip then close the zip fully. Most products have a secondary zip inside for added security of the beans.
  • Finally plump your beanbag into its required shape.

Your bean bag now has a new lease of life! Bean bag refills are great for extending the life of your bean bag. Many happy hours in a comfortable seat, all thanks to a bean bag filling!

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