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Discover Trend - Winter Palmhouse

This trend gives a nod to the vibrancy of exotic travel and tropical warmth. International design influences are blended with animal and botanical prints for a heavily decorated style. Whether you’re updating a whole room or looking for finishing touches, it’s time to explore the world's treasures and discover your décor adventure.

Winter Palmhouse Trend AW19

Milano Velvet Armchair Bean Bag

Statement Chairs
£99.99 >

Milano Velvet Pouffe

Perfect Accent Piece
£49.99 >

Brown Bear Faux Fur Throw

Irresistibly Touchable
£69.99 >

Milano Velvet Classic Bean Bag

Rich Velvet Tones
from £57.99 >

Revitalise your home
Exotic Palmhouse

On our designers hot list for AW19, the Winter Palm House trend gives your imagination the freedom to run wild. Create a celebration of colours and textures that give you the ‘holiday-at-home’ feeling all year long.



Exotic Palmhouse Trend

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6 Items

  1. Velvet Bean Bag Love Seat Teal
    ICON® Milano Velvet Loveseat Bean Bag
    From £249.99
  2. 34% Off
    ICON® Milano Velvet Pouffe
    ICON® Milano Velvet Pouffe
    From £39.99
  3. Icon® Milano Velvet Stool
    Icon® Milano Velvet Stool
    From £29.99
  4. Teal velvet footstool
    ICON® Milano Velvet Footstool
    From £39.99
  5. green velvet bean bag
    Icon® Aurora Velvet Bean Bag
    From £79.99
  6. Navy velvet armchair bean bag
    Icon® Natalia Velvet Armchair Bean Bag
    From £149.99
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6 Items

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