Photo credit: @living_atnumberone

Working from home has its perks – removing those hectic daily commutes, avoiding expensive take out lunches and saying goodbye to aircon temperature fights. You can say hello to unlimited snacks and spending more time with beloved pets. So, all this good stuff comes with an ask, you gotta’ stay distraction free and productive. We have pulled together our top tips, with the help of our Account Manager, Jen, who is a WFH veteran.

So, let’s get to it…

Create a dedicated workspace

You may be tempted to stay in bed with your laptop, but this is a stumbling block for productivity. Try and replicate your office within your home space, preferably somewhere quiet with limited distractions and plenty of natural light.

Stick to your normal schedule

Try and keep to your usual office routine, to maintain some familiarity. Wake up at your normal time, shower and jump out of your PJ’s (as tempting as it would be to stay in them), have your morning cuppa and enjoy breakfast.

Mini white board

Jen describes the use of a mini white board as a ‘home office essential’. They are great for writing daily ‘to do lists’. Tick things off as you work through the day, switch around priorities and when the day is finished, re-write the list for starting work in the morning.

Get the tunes on

Whilst you are tapping away at your keyboard, get your favourite music on, your ears will thank you for it. Listen to those podcasts you’ve meaning to tick of your list. Or, get the radio on if you prefer the comfort of chatter.

Touch base

Speak to your colleagues, and not just through email. Text, WhatsApp, call and video call people throughout the day, voice to voice contact is so important, it brings normality to your new working environment.

Get exercising

It’s so important to get your body moving, especially now you are not commuting and strolling into town to grab lunch. You might pop into your garden to enjoy your morning coffee, join Joe Wicks for a HIIT session or workout to your tunes. Use this time to rejuvenate.

Green friends

Improve your home office with house plants to purify your air and bring the outside in. We promise they will boost your mood and space.