As blankets of russet-red leaves fall, October signifies summers departure and Autumns arrival. Wardrobes are transitioning and are too a host of interior updates for the new season upon us. Here we bring you our top tips to invent your indoor oasis of dreams inspired by the multi-tonal colour palette of the world travel. You can make your home look and feel bold and beautiful.

Go for a teal statement

We love teal, this jewel tone adds an opulent feel. Infuse your home with touches of the chameleon colour for that fresh and invigorating yet warm and cocooning feel. Our teal Icon Velvet Classic Bean Bag exudes adds liveliness to any room, with such an adaptable colour, you can integrate into neutral colour schemes without overpowering.

Revive your accessories

Jazz up your textiles and set a new happy mood for the season ahead. Try adding velvet accents to switch it up, our Icon Milano Footstool is the perfect refreshing addition to transform any room into the space of dreams. Give your sofa a makeover with our faux fur throws, ideal for those cosy evenings.

It’s in the detail

Bold accents and unique detailing will complete your home refresh, inject an eclectic mix of tactile velvet’s with animal prints. Or, if you want a subtle refresh, try adding graceful botanical’s to reflect the raw elements of this look.

Welcome the scent of Autumn

Make your home inviting for the season with the nostalgic and comforting scents of autumn. There is no shortage of scents out there, but our favourites are cedar-wood, fig and cinnamon. Here’s an idea, spruce up your old vanilla candles with a layer of cinnamon sticks.