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Outdoors has never been quite so integral to our social lifestyles. Whether it’s a small city terrace, sunny balcony, luscious green lawn or the local park, outside space has become the closest thing to a social hub. The great outdoors has become an oasis, a place we can cautiously get back into entertaining small numbers of friends and loved ones. So, with that said, small gatherings call for beautifying our outdoor living spaces!

Create an outdoor living room

Maximise your space and ensure safe social distancing by dividing your outdoor space into clusters of seating. Defining ‘zones’ is a clever way to create the illusion of different rooms in your garden. This could be a bean bag in a sunny spot, a bistro set in a shaded area and a dining table outside the house.

Outdoor cinema

Miss going to the cinema with friends? Recreate the atmosphere of an outdoor cinema from the comfort of your garden. You could choose to use a folding screen and projector (or move your TV to an accessible view point) alongside blankets, bean bags and cushions to set the scene for cosy evenings.

Dress the table

Eating outdoors is one of life’s simple pleasures. Whiling away hours in the garden, with something cold and refreshing in hand is a slice of heaven, right? Now that lockdown restrictions have loosened, set the scene for wonderful outdoor meetings with beautiful outdoor accessories, so you can entertain with comfort and flair. Think napkins, unbreakable glasses, bunting, placemats, and gorgeous plates.

Invest in multi-tasking soft furniture

With outdoor living officially in, soft furnishings and tactile textures are making the leap outside. Garden furnishings are increasingly looking like something you may use indoors, combining comfort with style. Bean bags are a clever way to maximise the use of your space, sitting perfectly well inside, whilst being portable enough to carry outdoors on sunny days.

Here’s 3 of our summer favourites

ICON® Milano Classic Velvet Bean Bag

Gaming Bean Bag Recliner Indoor-Outdoor

Bazaar Bag® Indoor & Outdoor Giant Bean Bags