Danes have established themselves as lovers of all things tranquil and have long been top of the polls as the happiest people on earth. This contentment has frequently been attributed to ‘hygge’. Hygge pronounced “hoo-gah” is a Danish concept, it cannot be translated into one word, but roughly means ‘cosiness’ or creating intimate environments. It is a feeling of being warm, comforted, sheltered and safe.

We’re here to help you weave hygge into your daily life and make your home cosier year-round, not just during those chilly winter months. Here is a collection of our favourite tips to make your home ultra-cosy:

Begin with a calming colour palette

Begin your journey to hygge designs with neutral tones for comfort. We love dusty grey-blue shades, subdued pinks and moodier shades of chalky pastels for creating a soothing environment.

Create a hyggekrog

Danes refer to their little sanctuaries of escapism as a hyggekrog, essentially a cosy spot. This is their little space to disconnect and leave the world behind. You can bring this snuggly concept into your home with our Icon Oslo Armchair. Wrap up in a throw and get lost in your latest page turner.

Soothing light

In essence, a hygge home draws as much natural light in as possible and carefully curates soothing pools of luminosity through lamps. Strategically place mirrors adjacent to windows to maximise natural light. When the darkness falls, focus on bringing in accent lighting with candles or even fairy lights.

Focus on comfort

Creating a hygge home is about infusing your surrounding with feelings of comfort. Team plush soft furnishings with faux fur throws and plump pillows. Layer them one on top of the other to add visual interest, and remember, hygge isn’t about perfection.

Spending time with loved ones

Now the cosy atmosphere is set, it is important to recognise that hygge is also about the art form of creating intimacy and spending quality time together at any given moment. Enjoy the simplest of pleasures, we love the idea of baking and eating traditional Danish cinnamon rolls or getting a classic board game out and relishing all things hygge.