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Large Hug Chair Bean Bag Indoor & Outdoor

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The Large hug Chair Bean Bag has a circular back to ‘hug’ around the body, creating a comfortable and supportive chair for kids aged 8 years to tweens.


Its unique, triple panelled design creates a cosy shell shape with a perfectly sized seat for kids to settle into.


The supportive shape of this bean bag chair makes it ideal for multiple children’s activities such as reading, watching TV or gaming. It’s lightweight enough that kids can pick it up and take it with them.


The Large Hug Chair Bean Bag is made in our exclusive, 100% water resistant fabric. This means it can be used outside, plus, any kids’ sticky finger marks are easily wiped clean.


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Width 63cm
Depth 66cm
Height 49cm
Seat Height 23cm
Fabric 100% Polyester
Cleaning Instructions Surface clean only, using mild detergent if necessary.
  Do not machine wash
  Do not Iron
  Do not Dry Clean
  Do not Tumble Dry
  Do not Bleach
  Due to the very slight possibility of dye transfer, avoid contact between dark and light coloured textile surfaces.

Please store indoors when not in use.

Extra Mile Standards 

We like to exceed customer expectations here at BeanBagBazaar, so there are a few additional steps in the design process we take as standard that you won’t find with other bean bags:

• Double-stitched for extra strength

• Double zipped for extra security

• Zip heads are covered – prevents scratches on the floor

• Cover and filling complies to UK Furniture Fire Safety Regulations

*Made in 100% waterproof fabric – use outdoors but store inside when not in use.

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